GRASP - A Grammar and Sentence Punctuation Resource
for Orton Gillingham Lessons


The Children's Dyslexia Center of Nashua is committed to promoting literacy and providing resources to support classroom teachers and reading interventionists.  We have published this  resource to help teachers and interventionists incorporate grammar concepts into an Orton Gillingham-based lesson. This 188-page publication is divided into three sections and contains a glossary of grammatical terms. Each section has activity pages focusing on grammar and punctuation skills that can be included in lessons.  Answer keys for the activity pages will be provided.  Dictation sentences that support writing skills and are controlled for an OG-based scope and sequence are also included. Sole rights to photocopy activity sheets are given to the purchaser.


Video overview of product:

The price for this resource is $40 plus $7.50 for shipping and handling. If ordering multiple copies, please contact the Children's Dyslexia Center of Nashua for adjusted shipping rates. For orders of six or more books, the unit price is $35. 100% of the profits from the sale of GRASP will go towards teacher training at the Children's Dyslexia Center of Nashua.

Orton Gillingham-based Notebook 


Our Orton Gillingham-based notebook is a resource to support the reading remediation program offered by the Children’s Dyslexia Centers. This detailed, 102-page publication is divided into five sections based on concept difficulty.  Each section has a glossary of terms followed by specific examples of concepts, syllable information, morphology, grammar, and spelling rules.  Sections one through three include lists of idioms and common expressions that are controlled for reading within that section.

This notebook is available in multiple formats.  

  • This notebook can also be purchased as a PDF (with sole rights to photocopy given to the purchaser.)  The price for this resource is $65.

  • A printed version is available that can be used as a reference or with an individual student; this version cannot be photocopied. The price for this resource is $35 plus $7.50 for shipping and handling.

  • This notebook can also be purchased as a PDF to be used at a learning center where multiple teachers will be using it within the center (with sole rights to photocopy given to the specific learning center.)  The price for this resource is $275.

Other Videos for Teachers Demonstrating Concepts and Spelling Rules:

Level One


Beginning Blends

Closed vs Open

Consonant and Vowel

Diagraphs and Blends



Prefix un

Suffix s

VCCV Syllable

Level 1 Phonogram Cards

L1 Blending CVC

L1 Blending CVC and Open

L1 Blending CVC, VCE

Level Two




Er, ir, ur





Ee, ea, ey

Oe, oa, ow

Y (consonant and vowel)

Level 2 Phonogram Cards

L2 Blending

Level Three

Silent e


Soft c

Soft g

Ge, dge




y spelling rule



Levels Four & Five


Accent, schwa

Greek ph

Greek Y




Phonemic Awareness

Medial Sound Isolation

Sound Changes

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